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Stop The Boats! Stop The Boats!

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Home Secretary Suella Braverman (UK Parliament/Andy Bailey/PA) (PA Media)

Chasing Dreams, Building Walls

“Rishi and Suella”

Stop the boats! The rallying cry,
Where Government dictates the bounds.
No criminal gangs shall dictate our fate,
New legislation, empowering state.

Illegal crossings on a dangerous ride,
Through safe countries, they cannot hide.
Paying smugglers, risking all,
To be flown to Rwanda, dreams to fall.

Detention and removal, that’s the plea,
No asylum for those who flee.
Modern slavery’s shield won’t protect;
Spurious human rights claims we’ll reject.

Quashing this hustle, seizing control,
Securing our borders, protecting our soul.
Retrospective measures, encompassing all,
Today’s small boats, halted by our call?


Deterrence effective, let it be clear,
Enforcement strengthened, our resolve sincere.
Deals with nations, returnees underway,
Illegal migration, you cannot stay.

Compassion and generous to the core,
But the current situation, we cannot ignore.
Unfair burdens on citizens and the system,
Controlled borders, our guiding wisdom.

“Anita and Armin”

Seeking refuge, a heartfelt cry,
Longing for a new life, hope abounds.
No borders should define our fate,
Embrace diversity, compassion resonate.

Journeying through perils, an arduous ride,
Leaving behind lands where family resides.
Seeking progress, risking it all,
Yearning for acceptance, dreams stand tall.

Detention and uncertainty, a daunting plight,
Crossing the rough Channel in the dead of the night.
Dignity for seekers a shield to uphold,
Amidst adversaries, our stories unfold.

Seeking refuge, a heartfelt cry,
Longing for a better life, hope won’t die.
Paying courage’s toll, risking it all,
To find a haven, where dreams can’t fall.

In unity we stand, diverse and strong,
Embracing differences, a tapestry of grace.
Together we weave our stories along,
In a democratic land, our destined place.

In search of refuge, yearning for peace,
Seeking safety, that won’t cease.
Is it a crime seeking sanctuary’s embrace?
A mother’s love, tears on their face.

Through perilous paths, their journey untold,
A child’s innocence in a world so cold.
Desperation and fear guide their way,
Reasons for seeking a brighter day.

The winds howl and the waves so high,
The journey ahead, a stormy ride.
Heart weighs heavy, prayers interlace,
A miracle if we get through this place.

But why a choice between death and hope?
Why a struggle, just to barely cope?
Can we not build a world, where we all thrive?
Where life is not a game of stay alive?

With compassion and empathy, let us unite,
To bridge divides, build bridges of trust.
For in understanding, similarities align,
A future together, love will define.

So, let us embrace, in harmony strive,
Immigrants weaving a vibrant thread.
Contributing talents, the world will derive.
Strength from dreams; break new bread.


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