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Survivors Guilt: Half A Chance To Redeem This Life

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Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Half A Chance

I speak of chances,
Half a chance to find solace,
Seeking quietude.

In her captured gaze,
Anguish seeps from our souls –
Finite, fleeting stay.

Embracing limits,
Till noon, I dwell in stillness,
Distractions subside.

A sage’s whispered truth:
Solace awaits in mourning
Beyond revelry.

Two years have drifted,
Smiles veil my pain, a tremor,
Hypertension’s weight.

Shattered sense of life,
Seeking to mend broken roots,
Quest for true purpose.

Listen to my vow,
Half a chance to seize the day,
Ignite inspiration.

With the sun’s first light,
Negativity transforms,
Driving forth, unbound.

Golden rays reveal,
Illuminating the path,
Hope leads every step.

That does not mean
Desperate moments ahead.
We’ll fight the battle.

Beloved mother,
Her image stirs memories,
Gone, yet ever near.

Each glimpse, a reminder,
Of her transient presence –
Half a chance remains.

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