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Cityscape of Lost Love

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man looking over high rise balcony

Cityscape of Lost Love

In a small apartment overlooking the gentrified city, his broken eyes seared the twilight sky, his gaze drawn outward, away from the cramped urbanity that surrounded him. Beyond the concrete, glass, and the derricks painting the scene, hidden stars hinted at a world untouched.

Drawn to the window, especially when most inhabitants were asleep, memories out of nowhere appeared, dancing vividly — thoughts of her. They had once shared whispered dreams under the canopy of curated love, but their sporadic arguments shaped the putrefaction.

He replayed their last conversation in his mind, wondering if he could have said something different. Yet, one month later on this climactic night, the songs of birds outside echoed the void left – the music that had inspired passionate trysts now slowly seeping into the distance.

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