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Flee: A Poetic Tale of Love, Choices, and Regret

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He didn’t appreciate her offerings.
Why give me your pleasure? He would ask.
For your company others would be grateful –
So flee…

What’s the point being distracted by me?
You choose the path you wish to walk.
You want me in your life? I understand,
If no, then I tell you so flee…

He simulated their love & friendship,
And used her for convenience of his own.
He deemed her ways simple & foolish,
Seeing ripples not the stone in the pond.

He imposed his strong views upon her,
Though his words were empty & vain.
Show me your love! She pleaded some days.
He’d regurgitate: I tell you so flee…

Three days & nights he spent with friends,
Early Monday he returned to the gates.
His fingers flamed hot & ruddy red eyes
From hours – crazy hours – playing Xbox!

The cold key fits, he enters the lounge
And steps upon the what? Floorboards.
Stunned. Silent. Just
The tick tick tick of his Sekonda watch.

A shadow of a note she left him.
She penned: Honey you were so so right.
I met a lovely woman a fortnight past,
Thank you for your honest advice.

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